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E-Cigarettes and Vaping Associated with Severe Lung Disease Hospitalizations



  • From June 28th to August 23rd, the FDA has reported approximately 193 cases of severe lung disease associated with e-cigarette use, including about 11 cases in Indiana.
    • Many patients reported a gradual start of symptoms including breathing difficulty, shortness of breath, chest pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and gastrointestinal illness.
      • The seriousness of these reports have ranged from hospitalizations to needing life support to one confirmed death in Illinois.
      • Patients have ranged from teens to older adults.
    • Some individuals developed lipoid pneumonia, a form of pneumonia caused by inhaling fats or oils. Vegetable glycerin, a common oil base in many e-cigarette liquid flavoring, may be the cause.
  • The CDC has reported 127 cases of seizure and other neurological symptoms since 2010. There was a jump in 92 cases from April 2019 to August 2019.
    • We do not yet know what ingredients, combination of ingredients, or devices are causing these issues. Patients have reported using THC oil and nicotine e-liquids.
    • Some cases may have been caused by illicit ‘street vapes’, or e-cigarettes bought off the street.







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