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When will I be eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine?


Due to limited quantities of COVID-19 vaccines, vaccines will be eligible by invitation to specific priority groups based upon their risk of coming in contact with COVID-19. At this time, the Boone County Health Department is not able to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to the general public. Please check regularly for updates.


Where can I learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines available in the US?


Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech are currently the only pharmaceutical companies that have COVID-19 vaccines with Emergency Use Authorizations in the United States. You can learn more about these vaccines here:



What are the symptoms of COVID-19?


·         The most common symptoms for COVID-19 are fever/chills, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle/body aches, headaches, new loss of sense of taste/smell, congestion, runny nose, nausea/vomiting, and diarrhea. These symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure, but many people who have COVID-19 will have very minor or no symptoms.


o   COVID-19 symptoms and self-checker


·         If you are experiencing trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion, inability to wake/stay awake, or bluish lips or face, these are emergency warning signs and you should seek medical care immediately.


What should I do if I or a loved one are experiencing COVID symptoms?


·         Anyone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should stay home, separate from other people, and monitor for symptoms. Getting tested for COVID-19 is highly recommended.


o   What to do if you’re sick


·         You’re welcome to call the Boone County Health Department at (765)482-3942 options 5, 7, or 9 to speak to someone for further information.


How can I tell if I’m having symptoms of allergies, the cold, the flu, or COVID-19?


·         That’s a tough call! All of these illnesses can have very similar symptoms.


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o   What’s the difference between the flu and COVID?


·         Please reach out to your healthcare provider for further guidance.


What should I do if I or a loved one has been exposed to/are a close contact to someone with COVID-19?


·         Anyone who has been exposed to/is a close contact with someone with COVID-19 may need to consider quarantine.


o   What’s a ‘close contact’?

o   When to Quarantine if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19


·         You’re welcome to call the Boone County Health Department at (765)482-3942 at option 5, 7, or 9 to speak to someone for further guidance.  


Does the Boone County Health Department offer COVID testing?


·         Due to staff and space constraints, the Boone County Health Department will not be offering COVID-19 testing in our building.


Where can I get tested for COVID-19?


·         The Indiana Department of Health (also known as the Indiana State Department of Health) has compiled a resource map of all the different testing facilities in Indiana. All testing sites are free to all Hoosiers, regardless of your insurance status. However, different testing sites may have different testing requirements (IE, must have COVID symptoms, be in a high-risk group, have a known exposure, need a doctor’s note, etc). For testing that has no requirements, look for ISDH/Optum testing sites. These testing sites may open, move, or close without notice.


o   Indiana COVID-19 Testing Information


·         You can find a list of the closest ISDH/Optum testing sites to Boone County here:


When can I be around others after I had/think I had COVID-19?


·         That would depend on multiple factors (if you were tested, had symptoms, your employer/school’s policies, etc). Please visit the following CDC link or call the Boone County Health Department at (765)482-3942, options 5, 7 or 9 for further guidance.


o   When you can be around others after you had/likely had COVID-19


Executive Orders and Businesses



I need to conduct business inside a Boone County owned/operated building (Health Department, Courthouse, Probation, Prosecutor’s Office, etc). Do I need to wear a mask?


·         Yes. Until further notice, the Boone County Commissioners require that all members of the public must wear face coverings while inside county owned/operated buildings. If this is not feasible, please reach out to your respective business to determine if alternative accommodations can be made.


Where can I learn more about Indiana’s Mask Mandate?


·         Until further notice, all Hoosiers over the age of 2 must wear face coverings while out in public spaces, while in businesses, and in outdoor spaces when social distancing is not possible. Exemptions may be made for specific situations. The mask mandate may be extended, modified, or cancelled at any time.


o   Executive Order 20-317


What should I do if I don’t believe my employer is obeying Governor Holcomb’s executive orders and not protecting employees?


·         The Indiana Department of Labor can offer guidance to employers and employees regarding safety and health, as well as wage and hour issues occurring during the pandemic. Please visit this website to file either a formal or an informal complaint to the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA).


o   File an IOSHA complaint

 What should I do if I see a business that is not obeying Governor Holcomb’s executive orders?


·         The Boone County Health Department may be able to help. Please call (765)483-4458 to notify us of the issue.


Where can I go to learn more about what my business is expected to do to protect employees and the public from COVID-19?


·         You can find collection of guidelines for different industries here:


o   Back on Track Indiana Industry Guidelines

How can I get personal protective equipment (PPE) for my business?


·         Indiana has a PPE Directory features Indiana companies that manufacture and distribute a variety of PPE items available for purchase. Please click this link for the Indiana PPE Directory.


o   Back on Track Indiana PPE Directory


·          If you have questions about acquiring PPE, please call the Boone County Health Department at (765)483-4458. 





I will be planning an event where I expect at least 50 people to be in attendance. What do I need to do?


·         In accordance with Executive Order, all events that anticipate 50+ people in attendance must submit a COVID-19 safety plan to their local health department for review until further notice.


o   Download the Boone County COVID-19 Safety Plan Form (please submit to


I am planning an event but I expect less than 50 to come. Do I still need to submit a plan to the Boone County Health Department?


o   You do not need to submit a safety plan to us. However, if you would like us to help review your plan and make suggestions to make the event as safe as it can be, we are more than happy to help. 


I have a COVID-related question that isn’t listed here. Who can I contact?


·         Questions regarding Boone County’s COVID-19 emergency preparedness response and health violations may be directed to our Environmental Division at (765)483-4458.


·         Questions regarding COVID-19 testing, COVID case data for Boone County, event safety plans, and general information about COVID may be directed to our Nursing Division at (765)482-3942.


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