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Q1. I need my land surveyed. How much will the costs be?

The County Surveyor’s office does not perform private land surveys for individual landowners.  The property owner will need to contact an Indiana registered land surveyor for information and pricing. 

Q2. Do I need a drainage permit if I am building a new home, accessory structure, or addition?

Each landowner within the County drainage jurisdiction will need to file for a drainage permit when constructing any new structures, addition, or ponds. 

Q3. Why do I need a drainage permit?

A drainage permit is needed to verify that the new structure is not being constructed within a Regulated Legal Drain Easement.  The permit will also be reviewed to insure that new construction will not impede the natural flow of drainage or cause drainage issues on the property for landowner or adjoining landowners. 

Q4. Can I construct a fence or plant trees within the Regulated Drainage Easement (RDE)?


Q5. If a private drain tile is larger than 12” in size, is it a Regulated Legal Drain?

No, private drain tile come in all sizes. 

Q6. What makes a drain a Regulated Legal Drain?

A Regulated Legal Drain has been petitioned through either the Circuit Court or the County Drainage Board. 

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