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Q1. How do I get my gravel road paved?

The Boone County transportation network includes over 300 miles of gravel roadways.  Although it would be nice to convert all of the gravel roadways to a hard surface, we do not have the resources available to do so.


The Highway Department has recently requested 2018 funds to support a road conversion program.  These funds are limited and the need is much greater than our resources.  Therefore we are in the process of developing a systematic decision tool to help us identify the best candidate roadways for conversion from gravel to hard surface.  This decision tool will calculate a roadway’s “conversion score” based on several criteria that are important to evaluate when considering hard surfacing a roadway.  Our hope is to have a draft conversion plan developed by January 2018 outlining priority roadways we believe are in the greatest need for conversion.


The Boone County Highway Department is also developing a road conversion program that includes the opportunity for residents to submit road conversion requests/applications for their roadway.  The application process will require the owner to gather and report numerous criteria which will be utilized to develop a road conversion score based on several criteria.  The road conversion score will be based on the following criteria:


  • Cost of requested conversion
  • Traffic Volumes
  • Description of the road termini
  • Thoroughfare Plan Classification
  • Connectivity
  • Public Support
  • Available right of way/willingness of residents to dedicate right of way
  • The roadway’s proximity to State Roads
  • Amount of private funds committed towards the project 
Q2. Does the Highway Department Pick up Dead Animals?

The primary goal of the Highway Department is to provide a safe transportation system for all of our users.  Therefore, our policy is only to pick up large wild animals (i.e. deer) that are in the right of way and pose a danger to motorists.  We do not pick up small animals such as squirrels, rabbits, opossums or raccoons.

If you happen upon, or hit a domestic animal on a County Road, please contact the Boone County Sheriff’s office at 765-482-1412.  The Highway Department does not remove domestic animals from the road unless directed by the Sheriff’s office.   

Q3. How Does Boone County Highway determine the surface treatment to a roadway?

There are several different preventative maintenance treatments that can (and should) be used to extend the life of pavements.  Boone County’s selection of treatment is based on several different factors including, but not limited to treatment cost, pavement condition, traffic volume, facility type (rural or urban), original road material (chip & seal, cold-mix asphalt, hot-mix asphalt) and age of the roadway.  Since 2015, the County Highway Department has performed annual condition ratings on all of Boone County’s paved roads and developed an inventory system that can be maintained and utilized to make future decisions in regards to pavement maintenance and capital improvements.  Please visit our Asset Management site for more information regarding Boone County Highway Department’s Asset Management Processes.

Q4. Who is responsible for mowing and cutting brush along roadways?

Due to our limited staff and resources to mow and/or cut the rights-of-ways, we ask all land owners to help us keep our county maintained by mowing and maintaining the entire frontage of their roads.  However, we realize many sites have been neglected for years and require trimming and brush cutting.      

Per Boone County Ordinance 70.04, the County Highway Department have the authority to trim, cut or remove all trees, bushes, plants or other vegetative matter that is growing or present a distance of ten feet from the pavement, berm, or travel portion of any county road or to the edge of the apparent right-of-way.

To report a concern about trees or brush along one of our county roads, please contact the Boone County Highway department at highway@co.boone.in.us or 765-482-4550.  We will prioritize brush cutting needs based on inherent safety issues it possesses and the availability of County Highway staff to perform the work.

Q5. Why does the Highway Department Chip & Seal the Roads?

The purpose of Chip & Seal is to protect water from infiltrating into our hard surfaced roadways and provide a new skid resistant surface on the roadways.  This process, which is performed by our own crews, is one of the most cost effective pavement treatments for roadways and extends the life of the County’s roadway assets.  The Boone County Highway Department may place either a single layer of chip and seal or a double layer of chip and seal, depending on the current condition of the roadway.  To find out all of the roads the Highway Department has or plans to chip & seal this year, visit our Road Maintenance Projects site. 

Q6. What do I do if my mailbox was damaged when snow was being plowed in front of my home?

Per the Boone County Highway Department’s Snow Removal Mailbox Policy, during the time of snow & ice removal, any mailbox hit and damaged by snow & ice thrown from the roadway shall be considered an unavoidable event.  We do not claim responsibility for such incidents and do not replace or reset any mailbox in such circumstances.  If a Boone County Highway vehicle directly impacts a mailbox that was located more than 3’ from the edge of the roadway and causes damage to the mailbox, the highway department will replace it with a standard mailbox and post on a concrete base.  If a property owner desires an upgraded mailbox, it will be their responsibility to replace the standard mailbox placed by the Highway Department.  If a mailbox was located less than 3’ from the edge of the roadway and is damaged by snow, ice, or highway equipment, the property owner is responsible for the replacement.  

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