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Family Disaster Plan


Plan in advance what your family will do in an emergency.  Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it is important to know and plan for all types of disasters that could affect Boone County.  Sit down together as a family and decide how you will respond to each type of disaster including a communication plan if you are separated when the disaster strikes.  Most importantly communicate and practice your plans will every member of your family.


Types of Plans

Develop a Family Communications Plan


Plan how you will contact one another if you are not together. Consider using texting as the cell phone towers might be overloaded. Consider a plan where each family members contacts an out of town relative. Write down all phone numbers give a copy to each family member


Create a Plan to Shelter-in-Place


There may be disasters when you need to create a barrier between yourself and contaminated air


Create a Plan to Get Away


There may be disasters that require you to evacuate. Plan in advance how you will assemble your family and anticipate where you will go.  Become familiar with alternate routes as well as other means of transportation


Know Emergency Plans at School and Work


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