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Indiana is situated near the Madrid seismic zone in New Madrid, Missouri.   Although this fault zone last produced a major earthquake in 1812, the potential for a very damaging earthquake continues to exist.  Should a major earthquake occur in the New Madrid fault area, Southwestern Indiana would be most vulnerable, however most of Indiana could be affected to varying degrees depending on the magnitude of the quake.  Small quakes are reported from time to time throughout Indiana.


Preparedness and planning are crucial for reduction of the threat to life and property posed by an earthquake. Because an earthquake strikes without warning it is crucial that our homes, schools and businesses develop plans and be prepared to react appropriately.


What to do during an Earthquake

If you are indoors – Drop, Cover, and Hold On!

If you are outdoors – Move out into the open, away from buildings, power lines and trees.  Drop to the ground

If you are in a car – Pull over away from buildings, stop and stay in your vehicle



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