Commissioners Office

County Owned Property


All county owned property is managed and maintained by the Board of Commissioners.  The commissioners, along with the county Sherriff, are the responsible parties to protect the county’s facilities.  As the custodians of the county owned public buildings, the commissioners determine and approve any use of the property for other than county business such as a special event.  Anyone wishing to use a county facility, such as the courthouse, for a special event can contact the commissioners’ office at 765-483-4492 to set a time to present their request to the commissioners at a publicly held commissioners’ meeting or fill out the below form and have it reviewed and approved or denied in a public meeting. Add a form for county request of use for public building.


Buildings and grounds maintenance is conducted by county employees.  Anything that someone sees that they believe needs reported for maintenance can do so by notifying the commissioners’ office.


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