Adult Probation

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


Q1. Where are you located?


We are on the second floor of the Key Bank Building in downtown Lebanon.


Q2. How much do I owe the Court?

Court ordered fees are listed by case number at

Q3. How can I pay my probation fees?


You can pay probation fees in person by cash, check or money order.  They can also be paid on line with a credit card at


Q4. What happens when/if I violate my probation?


The Court can choose from a variety of sanctions for violating probation.  It is in your best interest to continue reporting to probation while a violation is pending. You are entitled to have an attorney but it is not required.  The Court can return you to probation, modify your terms of probation, have you serve your suspended sentence, a combination of all three, or nothing at all.


Q5. Can I transfer my probation to another County?


Most likely, yes.  Receiving counties are required to accept the transfer if you are a resident of the county.  Receiving counties may accept a transfer if you have employment or school in that county but they are not required to do so.


Q6. Can I transfer my probation to another State?

Transferring your probation to another state has numerous stipulations that can be viewed at

If you believe you are eligible for an interstate transfer, please bring $125 to the probation department at the time of sentencing so that your request can be processed.  We are unable to submit any applications for transfer without this payment.

Q7. How can I find a support group to attend in Boone County?


The community calendar of the local paper will provide the daily listing.  On line at or (this link to our list)

Q8. How do I register for the next Victim Impact Panel provided by Mother's Against Drunk Driving

You can email to register.  

Q9. Can I travel out of State while on probation?


If you are on probation for a misdemeanor, your probation can grant that permission.  Please complete the attached form to request the travel (misdemeanor form)  If you are on probation for a felony, only the Court can grant permission to travel.  Please complete this form or have your attorney petition the Court (felony form)


Q10. Where can I complete Court ordered community service work?


You may choose any non-profit organization.   If you are unsure what is eligible, please ask your probation officer.  Some examples are: church, school, library, fire department, goodwill, humane society, etc.


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