Traffic Ticket Deferral Program


To be eligible for the Traffic Ticket Deferral Program, you must:


  1. have received a ticket in Boone County; and                                  
  2. have had no infractions 6 months prior to receiving the ticket 

For Speeding Tickets 1 To 25 Miles Per Hour Over the Speed Limit:


  1. You will be asked to sign a Deferral Agreement and you must pay the Deferral Fee and court costs at that time. This is paid instead of the fee for the ticket through the Court. If you are interested in a Deferral, make sure you do not pay your ticket through the court, as once the ticket is paid it is sent to the BMV, and there is nothing that can be done to reverse this process.

  2. By signing the Deferral Agreement you are agreeing that you will not receive any more Infraction charges during the Deferral Agreement period. If your driving record remains clear after the Agreement period, your ticket will then be dismissed. If you receive another infraction during this Agreement period, your ticket will be re-activated and you will then be liable for the original infraction fee to the Court, and will receive points on your license. The Agreement period will last twelve months.

  3. All Agreements must be filed with the Court and Deferral Fees paid within thirty days of receiving the Deferral letter. Failure to have your paperwork submitted or to appear in court on the specified date may result in the suspension of your driving privileges. If you have any questions about deadlines, or about court dates, please contact our office, or the Court. The deferral period starts when the ticket was issued.


Infractions that may qualify:


  • no Valid Driver's License

  • disregarding Traffic Signal/Stop Sign

  • failure to dim headlights

  • speeds of 25 MPH or less

  • driving left of Center

  • passing in the no passing zone

  • following to closely

  • improper U- Turn

  • failure to yield

  • failure to signal and Improper Head Light/Tail Light

Infractions that do not qualify:


  • seat Beat Violations Adults or Children

  • failure to yield to emergency vehicles

  • CDL, Blue Lights

  • driving While Suspended

  • driving Without Insurance

  • anything Involving Alcohol

  • Drugs or Paraphernalia

If you have a question as to whether or not your offense is eligible, please call the Traffic Deferral Division at (765) 483-5705.

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