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Tom Santelli


District 1 Council Member


Tom Santelli serves on the Boone County Council, representing District 1. In addition to serving on the Council, Tom’s service includes Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Council; Emergency Management Agency (EMA); Health Department’s “Substance Abuse (Disorder) Task Force”, and the advisory Board for Probation and Community Corrections. Tom’s financial and budgeting background, with a focus on value and consensus, serves our county well in his role as the budget liaison for the Sheriff’s department, 911 call center and operations, Superior Court 1, Superior Court II, Circuit Court with overall budget responsibility serving the Council and all areas of county government.


To predict the future, you have to create it, and Tom’s expertise lends itself to a forward 5-15 year-look into the future as we plan for quality growth and improved quality of life for future generations in Boone County.  Responsible government, quality residential, commercial and higher income business growth are the keystones to making a great county even better. We are making great strides in public safety, education, infrastructure, and the quality of large, medium and small businesses serving our community. Together we can all accomplish more.

Tom has led the sales and marketing for Temple-Inland; the research and development for Weyerhaeuser, Georgia-Pacific, Great Northern Nekoosa and Owens-Illinois; served as the budget director in corporate planning for fortune 100 companies; engineered and built state-of-the-art research and manufacturing centers, developed a number of ground-breaking products and services, and served as a Director for Environmental and Public Affairs working in Washington, D.C.


With graduate degrees in business and science, and advanced training in leadership, quality, community relations, county, state and federal government, Tom’s commitment to integrity, service before self, the pursuit of excellence, and consensus building, serves as a strong foundation in serving our county. Tom has three girls who have further pursued his service and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s great when you can incorporate the advice of your children into your own life and contributions. His oldest daughter is a lawyer who served as an Assistant Attorney General, States Attorney, and Municipal Government Attorney.



Tom can be contacted by calling the auditor’s office at 765-482-2940.

Tom Santelli

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