Jury Selection

"Jury Service is one of the highest duties of citizenship, for by it the citizen participates in the administration of justice…” Former Chief Justice of the United States-Honorable Harlan F. Stone

“This is one of the few occasions when your community asks you to step forward and give of your time and talents to preserve our system of justice. You are being asked to participate as a juror, an experience few are afforded. You are being asked to insure the right to a trial by a jury of your peers, a right that only a tiny fraction of the world’s population enjoys.” Steve David, Judge, Boone Circuit Court

If you have questions about jury duty you may contact the Court during regular business hours and speak with the Bailiff, Ms. Sandy Knox. The telephone number is 765-482-0530.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just received a letter from Judge David requiring me to fill out and return a juror questionnaire. What does this mean?

You may be sent a letter from Judge David requiring you to fill out and return a juror questionnaire. Each quarter approximately 300 such letters and questionnaires are sent out. Please return them promptly. Your name will be placed on the list of potential jurors during the particular 90-day period. You may or may not be required to appear in Boone Circuit Court as a potential juror sometime during the 90-day period. Most likely if required to appear it would only be one time. Notices are mailed at least 7 days in advance of any given trial date in which you are required to appear.

What happens if I am selected as a prospective juror for a particular case during my 90-day period?

(The following is a sample letter and information sheet that you will receive if you are selected as a prospective juror for a particular case. You will be provided more information when you arrive at the courthouse.)

Dear Prospective Juror:

You have been selected as a prospective juror for a jury trial scheduled in the Boone County Circuit Court.

Serving as a juror is one of the most important obligations of American citizenship. The right to a trial by jury is a constitutional right and your service as a prospective juror is an example of you doing your part to preserve and protect that constitutional guarantee. You will derive lasting benefits if you perform your duties as a juror conscientiously. You will learn how the judicial branch of your government works and you will take part in the quest for justice. Thank you for your time and commitment.

You are ordered to appear at 8:15 a.m. on the ________day of _______in the Boone County Circuit Court located on the third floor of the Courthouse. The Courthouse is located in downtown Lebanon, Indiana, on the Courthouse Square. If you do not appear, a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER MAY BE DISPATCHED TO TAKE YOU INTO CUSTODY AND BRING YOU TO COURT.

Please check in immediately with the Circuit Court Bailiff on the third floor of the Courthouse. Parking passes will be mailed to you.

As a prospective juror, you will be seated in the courtroom until such time as you are either selected as a juror or released. We understand that your time is valuable. We expect that you will know whether you have been selected as a juror or released by Noon, although circumstances may dictate otherwise. We will take all necessary steps to make any inconvenience to you minimal.


J Jeffrey Edens, Judge
Boone Circuit Court

Enclosure: Juror Information Handout



I. Directions to the Courthouse

The Courthouse is located in downtown Lebanon, Indiana, on the Square. Travel I-65 to the Lebanon IN-SR39 exit, SR39 N will take you directly to the Courthouse.

II. Parking

Parking for jurors is available around the Courthouse Square and along side streets. Parking is restricted; however, you will be given a parking pass so that you will not be ticketed. Please be sure to ask for your parking pass.

III. Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available in Lebanon. Taxi service is available.

IV. Compensation

Boone County provides compensation for jurors for their service. Currently, the rate for jury service is $15.00 per day (or any portion thereof) as a prospective juror, and if you are selected the rate of compensation is $40.00 per day (or any portion thereof). Mileage is paid at 44 cents per mile.

V. Attire

Dress appropriately for being in a Courtroom. Business casual attire is appropriate. Do not report wearing muscle shirts, cutoff shorts, hats, or any attire which is inappropriate for the Courtroom. No gum or chewing tobacco is allowed in the Courtroom. While in the Courtroom, you must turn off all pagers and cell phones. No Texting, Emailing, Blogging, Twittering or Communication of any king is allowed.  Please do not conduct a cell phone conversation in the courtroom.

VI. Meals

Jurors should be advised that the Court provides all of your necessary meals, at no cost to you. If you have special dietary needs, please advise the Bailiff at your first opportunity.

VII. Auxiliary Aids & Services

If you are in need of special assistance, hearing assistance devices or have special needs please advise the Bailiff at your earliest opportunity.

VIII. Juror Exemption

You are exempt from jury service if you have completed a term of jury service (that means you were actually selected and served as a juror) within the year proceeding the date of the summons. If you believe you are exempt please contact the Circuit Court Bailiff as soon as possible to claim your exemption. The Judge will make the final determination in accordance with the applicable Jury Rules. The Bailiff cannot exempt you from Jury service.

IX. Juror Disqualification

There are a few circumstances that may disqualify you from serving as a juror. These factors are: 1) you are not a citizen of the U.S.; 2) you are not at least 18 years of age; 3) you are not a resident of Boone County; 4) you are not able to read, speak, and understand the English language; 5) you are suffering from a physical or mental disability that prevents you from rendering satisfactory jury service; 6) you are under a guardianship appointment because of mental incapacity; 7) you have lost your right to vote due to a felony conviction; or 8) you are a law enforcement officer and this is a criminal case. If you believe you are not qualified to serve as a juror, we can fax or mail to you the appropriate documentation to return to us. The Judge will make the final determination. The Bailiff cannot excuse you from Jury service.

X. Extreme Inconvenience-Request for Deferral

If you believe you are unable to serve as a juror due to undue hardship, extreme inconvenience or public necessity, you should contact the Bailiff and we will provide you with the necessary documentation to submit to the Judge for his consideration. Very few circumstances justify your being excused from Jury Service. The Judge will make the final determination in accordance with the Jury Rules. You may still be required to appear in person to request your deferral so that the attorneys representing the parties may question you as to your Request for Deferral of Jury service. The Bailiff cannot release you from Jury Service.

XI. Juror Safety and Privacy

Personal information about you that is contained in your written responses to the Juror Qualification Form will not be released to persons other than the parties and their counsel. Your Qualification Form will remain confidential, consistent with their intended use and consistent with the constitutional and statutory rights of the parties.

XII. Introduction to the Case

Once the prospective jurors are seated, the Judge will provide you with an introduction of the proceedings. You will be:

  • Introduced to the participants
  • Informed as to the nature of the case
  • Informed as to the applicable standard or burden of proof
  • Informed as to the presumption of innocence in a criminal case
  • Informed as to the appropriate means by which jurors may address their private concerns
  • Informed as to the appropriate standard of juror conduct
  • Informed as to the anticipated course of the proceedings
  • Informed as to the rules regarding challenges to prospective jurors
  • Informed as to the number of jurors that will be selected for the particular case
  • Informed as to the anticipated length of the proceedings

XIII. Juror Trial Notebooks

If you are selected as a prospective juror, you will be given a Trial Notebook. It will be used by you to keep your notes, place given instructions, witness and exhibit lists and related information regarding the trial. At the conclusion of the trial, the Court will retain your Trial Notebook, but you may retain your notes.

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