The Boone County Clerk's Office has added all froms necessary for Small Claims cases. If you have any questions please contact the office at 765-482-3510.

Small Claim Manual
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Plaintiff InstructionsJessica Fouts 12/1/2015280.95 KBDownload
Small Claim FormsJessica Fouts 7/24/2015137.29 KBDownload
Small Claim ManualJessica Fouts 7/24/20151.70 MBDownload
Ejectment (Eviction) FormsJessica Fouts 7/24/2015296.51 KBDownload
Corporate ResolutionJessica Fouts 7/24/201532.94 KBDownload
Counter ClaimJessica Fouts 7/24/20158.66 KBDownload
Defendant InstructionsJessica Fouts 7/24/201557.24 KBDownload