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 The Boone County Board of Commissioners recently adopted a new fee ordinance for the Nursing and Vital Records Division that will take effect January 9, 2012.


Boone County Health Department
Nursing and Vital Records Division
Certified Birth or Death Certificate: $10  
Amendment: $10 
Home Birth Registration: $25 (includes birth certificate)
Paternity Affidavit: $20 (includes birth certificate)
Genealogy Services: includes uncertified record
  Name Search: $15  
Notary fee: $5 (per document) 
Tuberculosis skin test (PPD): $25
Vaccine for Children Injection fee: $20 per injection with a maximum of $40  (per child per visit)  

Adult Injection fee: $20

Educational Instructor Fee: up to $30 (per ½ hour per Instructor)