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Deanna Willhoite, Auditor

201 Courthouse Square

Lebanon, IN  46052

Telephone: (765) 482-2940


The County Auditor is a constitutional officer, according to Article 6, Section 2, of the Indiana Constitution.  Ms. Willhoite was elected to office and began serving her first term as Auditor in January 2013.  Her term ends in December 2016.  Prior to serving as County Auditor, Ms. Willhoite was elected and served two terms as Boone County Treasurer. 


Overview of County Auditor's Responsibilities

As the fiscal officer for all county funds, the Auditor maintains the official ledger for the county: Receipts, Appropriations and Disbursements.   

Audits all county department claims. 

Administers payroll & maintains all county personnel records and benefits.

Compiles budget and property tax rates for approval by the county council and State of Indiana.

Prepares property tax settlement and distributes tax dollars to local units of government in Boone County and submits settlement to the Auditor of the State of Indiana. 

Records minutes for the County Council - keeps official records of contracts, bonds, minutes, and indebtedness.

Maintains property deed transfers. 

Maintains property exemptions and deductions.

Maintains TIF records and oversees Tax Abatements