Alcohol & Drug

The Alcohol and Drug Program was established in 1992 to provide services for those individuals who are under the jurisdiction of the Court and have been charged with alcohol or other drug offenses. Referrals from other agencies are accepted.


Services include:


Assessment, Referral and Case Management


Prime for Life Indiana Basic Education for first time offenders.


Prime for Life Indiana Advanced Education for high risk offenders.


Intensive Correctional Treatment Program in the Boone County Jail – 60 days of residential counseling using evidence based techniques by Master level therapist. Aftercare is provided upon release.


Urine Drug Testing


Program fees range from $10.00 - $400.00


Fourth Amendment Waiver is required for participation in the program.


Alcohol and Drug Program staff are certified Probation Officers and Certified Substance Abuse Management Specialists awarded by the Judicial Conference of Indiana.


Diversion Services