Surveyor's Responsibilities

The primary duties of the County Surveyor in accordance with Indiana Code are as follow:

1. Legal Survey Book - The County Surveyor maintains a legal survey record book for all legal surveys within the county. A legal survey is a survey prepared by a registered land surveyor with notice to all adjoining landowners to resolve property disputes.


2. Section Corner Perpetuation - The County Surveyor must keep and maintain a corner record book showing original government section corners. The Surveyor must check, locate, establish, and reference at least 5% of all original corners shown in the Corner Record Book.


3. Annexation Descriptions - The County Surveyor maintains annexation descriptions and dis-annexation descriptions for each city and town. These descriptions are then certified for the State Election Board.


4. Certification to ABC - Prior to the Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission issuing a new Alcoholic Beverage Permit in an unincorporated area, the County Surveyor must certify that the permit location is within a one mile radius of a settlement or group of residences in the unincorporated area that has been in place for one of the following: purchases, public meetings, as a community or neighborhood center.


5. Filter Strip Program - The County Surveyor administers the filter strip program. Filter strips are strips of vegetation (grass) along open streams and ditches. The strips are a minimum of 20 feet to a maximum of 75 feet. The strips are designed to minimize siltation due to surface water runoff.


6. Plan Commission - The County Surveyor is member of the County Plan Commission. As a member of the Commission they attend the monthly meeting and hear and make decisions on subdivisions and planning. They provide technical reviews of the plats and drainage systems.


7. County Drainage Board - The County Surveyor is an ex-official & a non-voting member of the County Drainage Board. In this capacity the Surveyor is the technical authority on the construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of all regulated drains or proposed regulated drains in the county.


8. Private/Natural Drains – The County Surveyor, through the Drainage Board, reviews complaints regarding obstructions within Private and Natural Drains.  When ordered by the Drainage Board, the Surveyor oversees the removal of any obstruction so as to restore proper drainage


9. Phase II Stormwater - The Boone County Surveyor has taken on the responsibility of managing the Phase II Stormwater Program within the unincorporated portion of the County.  As a designated MS4 (Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System) entity, municipalities within urbanized areas and included counties are required to address stormwater runoff as part of the Clean Water Act. For more information go to the Phase II link on the Surveyor's website.